Cal Heights Drama Club

Who Are We?

Cal Heights Drama Club has been provided quality instruction and shows for children ages 4-14 in the Long Beach area for the last eight years. 

Owen Lovejoy - Director

Ashley Ventri - Musical Director

Mackenzie Hamilton - Choreographer

Stephen Carver - Assistant Director

Join us on Zoom every Tuesday from 4-5ish :) 
Musical Theater in a Zoom Party Atmosphere!
Karaoke Party with Friends!

Join the Drama Club on Zoom!

Our Directors are helping kids grow and learn the craft of musical theater in creative and fun ways as we host a karaoke and monologue party to help our young actors learn to perform! Always with multiple adults and lots of kids, our creative team pulls out all the stops to make this time with you gifted thespians a fu

Download the Music for your Alice Performer

Click on the button below to access the music tracks for Alice in Wonderland, Jr. 

There are two versions: 1) With vocals for the first few weeks, and 2) Accompaniment Tracks without vocals for after week five.