After School Program Information

Tuition Information

  • All tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  
  • Tuition outstanding after the fifth of the month is charged a late fee of 10%.  
  • If the fifth is on a weekend, tuition is due by 6:00 p.m. the following Monday.  
  • A late pick-up fee is charged if your child is not picked up at his/her scheduled pick-up time.
  • Sibling Discount - We offer a 10% discount off the 2nd child's tuition of equal or lesser value.
  • Note  - for tuition payments made online,  please add a 5% convenience fee to your final transaction amount. 


Longfellow Elementary School:

  • Children attending Longfellow who arrive at the Center before school are walked to school by a Center or staff member. 
  • After school is over, a Center teacher or staff member meets the students at Longfellow, takes roll, and walks the students back to the Center. 
  • On rainy days, children will need rain gear. 

Los Cerritos Elementary School:

  • Transportation to and from Los Cerritos is provided by our school van. 
  • Drivers are cleared by the DMV and listed on the church/van insurance. 
  • All children riding in the Center’s vans must wear seat belts. Non-compliance with this rule will prevent us from transporting your child. 
  • In the event of transportation problems, every effort to contact parents will be made ahead of time, so substitute transportation can be arranged. 

Pick-up area: 

  • Each elementary school has a specific pick-up area where children are to meet the Center teacher or staff member assigned to transport them back to the Center.
  • Children have 10 minutes after school is dismissed to meet the Center teacher.
  • Before they leave the school, parents will be notified if their child has missed the pick-up.  We do not return for or hunt for your child. 
  • School-age students are responsible to be at the pick-up area. 
  • If your child is absent, please notify the Center office before 1:00 p.m. We will always pick-up unless notified by you.

Walking from Hughes Middle School:

  • All middle school students walk to the Center unaccompanied by school personnel.  All students from Hughes must walk to the corner of Orange and cross Bixby Road at the traffic light.


LBUSD Closures:

  • Cal Heights follows the LBUSD calendar for Holiday closures.

Minimum and Planning Days:

  • Transportation will be modified to meet the needs of students on these schedules. School activities will be planned accordingly to include the extra hours students are at the Children’s Center. 
  • No additional tuition is charged for minimum or planning days.

Extended Care Days:

  • These are days that Long Beach Unified School District is closed and Cal Heights is open for care at an additional fee. 
  • All extended days require advance registration. By the first of the month, registration forms for extended care days will be attached to monthly newsletters and fees are due with tuition.

LBUSD Changes in Schedules: 

  • We should be notified of any changes in the LBUSD school schedule. 
  • It’s helpful if parents report changes to Cal Heights whenever possible, as sometimes the school does not notify us directly.


CHUMCC will provide a quiet homework area for your child to do his/her homework. The staff will assist in clarifying directions but may not have the time to work through an entire assignment with each individual student. If your child consistently cannot understand or complete assignments, the school teacher should be contacted. 

Homework should be completed in the 30-45 minutes of allowed quiet time. Middle school students may need an hour for homework. Accountability for completing and reviewing homework must come from the parents. We will be glad to assist with homework Monday through Thursday, but Friday is reserved for free choice play.

Homework Check Sheet:

  • Each child has a homework check sheet that they sign each day. The columns indicate if they have homework, completed homework, or did not have homework. Accountability for bringing assigned homework to CHUMCC must come from the parent; it is not the Center’s responsibility to know whether the child has homework.

No Homework Day:

  • If your child does not bring a homework assignment to CHUMCC on Monday through Thursday, he/she will be assigned Math Facts, Sight Words or other worksheets to study. Students will still need to be quiet during the homework time.

Homework Contract:

  • Each parent and child will be required to complete a Homework Contract indicating what the parent expects from their student. We will try our best to follow your instructions.

Homework Supplies

  • Students are responsible for having pencils, pens, and paper to complete homework assignments.


Play items are allowed on Fridays only. All items must be labeled with your child’s name. All items are your child’s responsibility. It is best not to allow items that are expensive. Please check the items your child brings home and make sure they are his/hers. Some students bring the same things and mix-ups happen. 


Students should not bring money to CHUMCC, unless requested for a special activity such as snack shack.


Students from middle school can bring their backpacks to the classroom. Backpacks should be against the wall or in cubbies and jackets on hooks. Each grade level has a designated area.


  • School-age students will be offered extra-curricular activities such as Playsports, soccer clinic, private tutoring, and dance at an additional cost.
  •  There is a mailbox for each program in the office for payment (No Cash Please).


We believe that every child should enjoy school equally by feeling safe, secure, and accepted regardless of color, race, gender, popularity, physical attributes, athletic ability, age, and/or religious preference. We will have an Anti-bullying agreement for the student, parent, teacher, and director to sign.

By signing this pledge, your child agrees to: 

  • Value students’ differences and treat others with respect
  • Not become involved in bullying/cyber-bullying incidents or be a bully
  • Be a good role model by upholding a pledge in supporting zero tolerance toward bullying/cyberbullying.