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An Overview:
Heavy-Lifting is for persons all along the journey of faith. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, whether you are seeking God for the first time or have walked with God for a lifetime, this 7-week challenge is intended to help us grow deeper and more intentional. Here’s a list of the topics we’ll be covering:

Week 1 Setting Up: Spiritual Practices for Everyday
Week 2 Growing Up: Preparing to Move Deeper
Week 3 Taking Up: Owning our Faith in Community
Week 4 Cleaning Up: Cleansing our Spiritual Self
Week 5 Lifting Up Part 1: The Role of the Cross
Week 6 Lifting Up Part 2: A New World Role Model
Week 7 Staying Up: Keeping the Faith Fresh

A Theology of Migration:
What does the Bible say?
What can Christians do?

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What dates? January 31st & February 7th
What time? 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Where? Cal Heights UMC Sanctuary

Week 1: A biblical view of migration and nations.

Week 2: Discussing what we can do as a church and community.

Our Information: