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California Heights United Methodist Church is a congregation that seeks to love others as Christ has loved us—with acts of service and compassion and arms wide open in welcome, invitation, and acceptance.

As United Methodists we believe in what would be considered, "traditional Christian" theology although we are free to think differently than the larger United Methodist Church on most areas of belief without judgement or reprisal. The primary beliefs of United Methodists include:

The Trinity of God the Father/Creator, Christ the Son/Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit/Sustainer as one being.

Jesus Christ is both fully Human and fully Divine.

Salvation is found through Jesus Christ and the grace he freely offers us.

The Holy Spirit dwells in all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord.

The Church continues the work of God in the world as it serves others, offers salvation, and promotes justice for all persons.

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We at Cal Heights UMC are a "Reconciling Congregation" which means that we believe that all persons, regardless of their gender, race, sexual-orientation, or gender-identity are loved by God, free to receive God's grace, and invited to serve in God's work and ministry in any and all capacities as they are.

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