April 2018

We Are All Witnesses

The multi-story banner hung in Cleveland for years, the city's hero that they thought would bring them an NBA championship with arms spread wide like a Savior. The Nike banner read, "We are all witnesses." Undoubtedly, the world was witness to the greatness of the young Lebron James and would soon know how great a player he was (and is still today). Yet, the city of Cleveland would experience it in a way that others could not for Lebron was from Ohio, and he chose to return home to his own. And they rejoiced…for a time.


The problem with putting our trust in individuals, especially celebrities, is that they are always going to let us down in one way or another. It may be a snide remark that we didn't expect, a decision that cripples our once starry-eyed view of them—there will always be a time where we feel let down. With celebrities we run an even greater likelihood because we don't really know them, their personal lives are not ours to know and so we tend to view them through the lens of the media or, even worse, the characters they play. Either way, just like Cleveland felt when Lebron left for Miami, we too feel let down when we hear of so many politicians, actors, musicians, and even friends and family choosing poooooorly.

The disciples of Jesus felt let down following his crucifixion and death. They felt overjoyed to learn that their disappointment would lead to unending joy and faithfulness on God's part to never let them down. Even though they met the risen Christ and spoke with him, ate with him, and proclaimed to their fellow disciple, Thomas, that he was risen, still the disciples moved back into their former routine perhaps waiting for Jesus to do more.

And then it happened…

Jesus appeared to the disciples yet again as they fished along the shoreline rather than throwing out the lines of grace to the world around them. He reminded them of the ways in which he taught and led them during his earthly ministry and called them once again into his presence. And then he sent them out to be witnesses for the world. Unlike the world and Lebron James, Jesus' followers knew him well. They knew his life and love for them and the rest of the world. They knew that he wanted them to share his grace with folks and to for all persons to enter into a relationship with him and to share the same eternal life that he showed them through the resurrection.

You see, to be "witnesses" doesn't just mean that we see something happen. It means that we share it with others around us. To be a witness in court is to share what you saw and experienced—what you know. Being a witness doesn't mean sharing someone else's ideas and stories, it's sharing yours.

So what's your story?

How have you experienced the grace of God?

How are you sharing it?

God bless you and yours,

Pastor Doug
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