January 2017

A New Year

A New Year…
by Cheryl Redgate
A new year…filled with promise, clean slates and resolutions made with all best intentions! Our thoughts may be geared to such tasks as becoming more organized, being on time, losing weight, exercising more or creating a budget for our family. As we think of the goals we have for this year, let us also consider the importance of nurturing our family through actions and words. Perhaps we can reflect on the messages our children (and spouses too!) receive from us and strive to ensure that, daily, we are taking steps (and saying words) which will reflect how very much we cherish them…and love them. Listed below are a few fun (and soulful) “resolutions” to consider as we reinforce just how valued our children are to us and how grateful we are that they are in our lives this new year and forever:
    While these ideas may seem to be geared for children, many of them can apply to the adults in our lives too. Each one of us, no matter our age, thrives and becomes stronger knowing that we have people encouraging us, accepting us and loving us…no matter what. So in this New Year of 2017, let’s commit to making sure each day that we reach out to those we treasure and reassure them of our love through our touch, our actions and our words. Happy New Year!

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